Our mission statement

“Inspiring to and driving sustainability and competitiveness through innovative vehicle aerodynamics solutions for generations to come.”

Our mission statement conveys a strong commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the automotive industry and track racing competition in terms of long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

Sustainability has become a pressing issue in recent years, as concerns about climate change and environmental impact have increased. The transportation sector, including the automotive industry, is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and companies must be mindful of this impact when developing new technologies and products. Aerodynamics play a vital role in improving energy efficiency by optimizing airflow around a vehicle, which result in lower energy consumption and improved performance. By focusing on innovative vehicle aerodynamics solutions, our company behind this mission statement is taking a proactive approach to reducing the environmental impact while still meeting the needs and expectations of customers and consumers.

At the same time, the mission statement also emphasizes the importance of competitiveness. The automotive industry and track racing competition is highly competitive, and companies must continually innovate and differentiate themselves to succeed. By providing innovative vehicle aerodynamics solutions, we aim to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge. Improved aerodynamics can result in vehicles that are faster, more stable, and more comfortable, which can translate into increased market share and higher revenues or more success in racing competitions.

Our statement also highlights the importance of thinking about future generations. This long-term perspective is critical in the development of sustainable solutions, as the decisions made today will have a lasting impact on the environment and the world we leave for future generations. By outlining sustainable innovations in vehicle aerodynamics for generations to come, we are recognizing the importance of creating a better future through sustainable development.

Furthermore, our statement suggests that our company aims to inspire others to embrace sustainable innovation in vehicle aerodynamics. By leading the way and demonstrating the benefits of sustainable development, we hope to encourage others to follow suit. This leadership role is essential in promoting the widespread adoption of sustainable practices and technologies, which is crucial for creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Overall, our mission statement “Inspiring to and driving sustainability and competitiveness through innovative vehicle aerodynamics solutions for generations to come” highlights our company’s commitment to long-term sustainability, and leadership in promoting sustainable practices in the automotive industry while also recognizing the importance of increased competitiveness. By developing sustainable innovations in vehicle aerodynamics, we are taking a proactive approach to addressing the challenges faced by the industry and track racing competition, and inspiring others to join them in creating a better future.

Our vision statement

“To be the most inspiring, desired and successful vehicle aerodynamics solution provider there is.”

The vision statement is a powerful statement that reflects our commitment to make a positive impact on the automotive industry through the pursuit of excellence, innovation and inspiration in the field of vehicle aerodynamics, ensuring that our solutions are relevant and valuable to the market and for every end user of vehicles worldwide.

This vision statement sets a clear goal for us to strive towards – to be the most inspiring, desired, and successful vehicle aerodynamics solution provider in the market. By inspiring end users, we aim to create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm around vehicle aerodynamics, highlighting the benefits that can be achieved through innovative solutions. This focus on inspiration is important in generating interest in our company’s services and driving demand for its solutions. By using words such as “inspiring” and “desired,” we are signaling our intent to become an industry leader that is recognized for our ability to inspire and deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of different types of vehicles and of our customers better than anyone else.

Furthermore, the vision statement’s use of the word “successful” highlights that our ultimate goal is to achieve long-term success, including financial performance and market share, which can only be attained through consistent performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This is a clear indication that we are not content with just being a player in the market, but instead, we want to set the standard for excellence in providing vehicle aerodynamics solutions that are in high demand by customers.

In conclusion, our vision statement “To be the most inspiring, desired, and successful vehicle aerodynamics solution provider there is” communicates a clear and compelling commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It serves as a guide for our decision-making and strategy development, ensuring that we stay focused on our ultimate goal of becoming the industry leader in providing vehicle aerodynamics solutions. The statement highlights that we have a global perspective and aim to reach a wide range of customers. This global ambition is important in creating a broad customer base and driving growth for our company. It also provides us with a clear direction and a sense of purpose, motivating our employees to strive towards this ambitious goal.

Our values statement

“Gratitude for being of help and support.”

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses need to operate with a set of core values that guide their actions and decisions. The following values statement encompasses some of the key principles that are critical for our company’s success:

  • Customer focus is our very fundamental value that recognizes that the customer is at the center of all our business activities, and emphasizes our importance of meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • Trust is our elemental value that underpins all successful relationships, both within our organization and with external stakeholders.
  • Commitment emphasizes our importance of setting clear goals and objectives, and working tirelessly towards achieving them. 
  • Inspiration highlights our importance of creativity and innovation, and our need to constantly challenge the status quo. 
  • Passion speaks to our importance of doing what we love, and pursuing our goals with enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Motivation appreciates our importance of creating a working environment that inspires us as individuals to give our best effort. 
  • Sharing is caring emphasizes our importance of collaboration and the willingness to share each individual’s knowledge and resources with colleagues and our customers. 
  • Teamwork highlights the power of our collective effort and the importance of us working together towards common goals.
  • Diversity celebrates our differences and allows our strength that comes from having a variety of perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Acknowledgment recognizes the contributions of our individuals and teams, and the importance of showing our appreciation for their efforts.

In summary, these values represent a holistic approach to our business, emphasizing the importance of customer focus, trust, commitment, creativity, passion, motivation, collaboration, appreciation, and diversity. By embracing these values, our company builds strong cultures that foster growth, innovation, and success.



Mattias Hejdesten

CEO, Senior Expert in Vehicle Aerodynamics
Having 20+ years of experience within automotive aerodynamics development, our company is the true provider of choice. Our complete technical skillset, by means of planning, performing and analyzing wind tunnel testing, track testing as well as CFD simulations, has not only gained a deep, but also a broad understanding of every discipline’s complexity. Comprehensive experiences in qualitative and quantitative data analyses have brought attention and dedication to continuous physical and virtual method developments and the correlations in between. Past and current engineering assignments have procured highly valuable sense of expert engineering judgements by visual inspections. The gained proficiency in engineering project feature lead by industrializing aerodynamics concepts to products, has not only produced comprehensive know-how in vehicle development processes from concept optimization phases to industrial implementation phases, but also excellent teamwork and collaboration qualities reliant on great communication and negotiation skills with all kinds of stakeholders.

Employers such as Volvo and several clients in national racing series such as TTA and STCC and international racing series such as WTCC, BTCS and SCCA have all put confidence in our passionate and dedicated expertise throughout the years with great success. Not to mention the highly inspiring and much appreciated guest lectures at universities of technology that are continuously held around Sweden.

Having extraordinary proficient skills in technical communication, presentation technique and pedagogics, ensures an efficient knowledge transfer to the clients, whether it be fundamental or comprehensive trainings at the automotive industry, for racing teams or educational faculty. Because the competitive instinct combined with true passion and excellence in developing automotives and people within the field of vehicle aerodynamics, is our key driving spirit.


years of experience in vehicle aerodynamics


passenger car development projects undertaken


racing vehicle development projects undertaken


different competition classes involvement


work experiences of different wind tunnels

We Are the Provider of Choice


Our company is based on the passion for multi-disciplinary product development & optimization, vehicle aerodynamics, car and truck racing and inspirational educations as well as interaction with people supporting them in achieving their set goals. This is why customers can expect a high level of service.

Our company offers an outstanding function in the automotive industry, track racing and education faculty through its unique combination of complete introductory trainings and customized consultations by means of high service-mindedness and well-experienced, cutting-edge expertise that not many others possess.

An impressive customer list and successful vehicle development projects including awards in some high-end track racing competitions as well as solid qualifications through highly relevant educations and employments back this statement up.

We help our automotive industry customers to improve their products’ energy efficiency, environmental impact and range, which would contribute to their success in fulfilling the increasing legal CO2 demands put on the industry. Also, overall vehicle performance such as handling and comfort are benefitted from our offering.

We offer most levels of track racing competition an available know-how about racing vehicle aerodynamics optimization, which would inspire and help to improve the teams’ on-track performance, and simultaneously increase their environmental and economical sustainability.

We offer high schools and universities of technology awareness of the field of study, theoretical knowledge and practical insight in the automotive industry, which would inspire and help students to pursue their career goals within the field of vehicle aerodynamics.

Our comprehensive know-how in vehicle development processes from concept phases to industrial implementation phases, as well as deep-knowledge in tailoring efficient aerodynamic solutions will result in optimized products to our automotive industry customers.

We increase our track racing customers’ awareness of aerodynamics’ impact on track performance by providing trainings in race vehicle aerodynamics. We also develop customized solutions by means of cutting-edge aerodynamics consultations.

We inspire students at high schools and universities of technology by informative guest lectures; showcasing what vehicle aerodynamics is all about, what aerodynamicists consider when optimizing vehicles, as well as interactive sessions with simple, hands-on practical examples to motivate students to develop their understanding within aerodynamics.

- St. Jerome

" Good, better, best. Never let it rest.
'Til your good is better and your better is best. "

- J. Pass

" It's the small things that make the big difference. "

- H.R. Sanders

" Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. "

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J Å Stigborg

Former Technical Manager, TTA/STCC

" Mattias devised aerodynamic equality per new TTA/STCC regulations and enhancing cooling airflow. Modified body and wing design successfully equalized handling and enhanced endurance of the cars. "

Full Professor S. Sebben

Head of Division VEAS, Chalmers University of Technology

“ A very exciting and engaging lecture where the aerodynamics development of high-performance cars is the focus. The students really loved it! ”

Full Professor A. Talamelli

Lecturer in Vehicle Aerodynamics, Royal Institute of Technology

" A captivating lecture on car aerodynamics, inspiring students to engage and ask thoughtful questions. Truly impactful! "

Senior Lecturer J. Sundström

Lecturer in Aerodynamics at Fluid and Experimental Mechanics, Luleå University of Technology

" Very inspiring lecture about an interesting topic. Mattias really engages the students in his lecture, and the students really appreciated it! "